WE PROVIDE the following facilities.

Controlled Access

Access will be strictly regulated to ensure maximum security to the industrial estates. Only authorized users will be allowed access and a combination of active and passive RFID tags will be used for the purpose.

Efficient Roads Network

The road network will be planned and designed in a manner to optimize the transport to/from the industries. Wide and strengthened roads will be made to sustain heavy traffic due to transport of raw materials and goods, hence providing a robust and better planned road network.

Water Supply

Provision of sufficient water supply to the industrial estates is among our major priorities and we will ensure that all your water requirements are met.

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste from the industries can cause significant harm to the ecosystem. Therefore, collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste will be done as per the international standards while also adhering to the local regulations.

Centralized Commercial Areas

Commercial areas with all the basic as well as additional amenities will be developed in the industrial estates. The location of the commercial areas will be made centralized for convenient access by workers/ public.

Captive Power Generation

On site grid stations will be available to meet the electricity demand of the industry, ensuring uninterrupted power supply with minimum losses and zero outages.

Vocational Training Centers

It will be ensured to create a pool of skilled workers through induction in specialized On Job Training programs to cater to the requirements of the industry. For that purpose, vocational training centers will be established at each industrial estate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Sewage and Effluent Treatment

The waste water from the industries can contain very harmful chemicals and particles. The waste water will be collected and treated prior to discharge. The most efficient methods will be utilized for the removal of sludge that is created post treatment. A state of the art wireless monitoring mechanism will be used to continuously monitor the waste water pre and post treatment to analyze the efficacy of deployed mechanisms, and take remedial actions where necessary.

Telecom and IT Infrastructure

State of the art telecom and IT infrastructure will be made available in the existing as well as new industrial estates and special economic zones. Specialized IT solutions to assist in the business processes and improved productivity will also be proposed to interested industrialists.

SUPPORTING facilities.


All the industrial estates will be gated, and 24/7 surveillance will be available through IP Cameras. Presence of Law enforcement agencies will be made sure on site to deal with any security threat that manifests, or is detected and reported.


Fire engines and trained staff will be available on site to deal with any reported incidents of fire, in the shortest span of time, to eliminate/reduce the possibility of harm/damage to workers/factories.


Medical units with ambulances will be available on site to tend to any emergency or accident requiring urgent medical care and attention.

Have an Idea? Let us take care of your business plan

If you need to have the viability of your business plan reviewed, we can do that for you to make it more effective and marketable. Our team of specialists will review it, provide you with suggestions on how to improve it, and guide you in the right direction, in the minimum possible time. If you are an investor and need to have your business plan reviewed, you can send it to us at guide.me@kpezdmc.org.pk


We take pride in our team of resident experts at KPEZDMC and each of them bring a wealth of experience that enables us to commit to the high standards of service that we promise to provide. Some of our services include (but not limited to) the following:




Technical Support


The geo-political landscape has recently witnessed some positive signs of stability and recuperation in terms of attracting foreign investments due to China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC). Therefore, the need for rapid industrialization has gained even more importance to uplift the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provides excellent incentives for prospective industrialists and investors, to accelerate the process of industrialization, improve the socio-economic indicators of the province, and invest on human development. If you are an investor, you will be treated like a celebrity and will be facilitated and hand carried into production as soon as possible.

For further information send us your proposal at guide.me@kpezdmc.org.pk.

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