District Buner


Buner has a total area of 1,865 sq.kms with a population of 897,319, which comprises of approximately 48% male and 52% female population. The area has seen a population growth of approximately 77% during last 19 years. The economy of picturesque, but sparsely developed, Buner district of KP relies on mining, agriculture and foreign remittances to stay afloat. Huge reserves of Marble and Granite are reported in the district. As of now, for sustainable growth of this area, the focus should remain on boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of the above mentioned sectors. This could be achieved by creating a Special Economic Zone for mining and processing and by taping the carbon credit potential of area under forest. Subsequently, the scenic beauty of the district could also be put to best use by installing a well-rounded tourism and hospitality sector, which could invariably increase the fortunes of the entire region.

KPOGCL has identified hydrocarbon deposits in Nowshera block which consists of Mardan, Charsadda, Swabi and Buner districts presenting joint venture opportunity for national and international firms for exploration and production