District Chitral


Chitral has a total area of 14,850 sq.kms with a population size of 447,362 which comprises of 51% (approx.) male and 49% female population. The area has seen a population growth of approximately 40% in the last 19 years. Prima-facie, the economic development model for District of Chitral seems to rest on it being the nation’s ‘Clean Energy Farm’ as the district has potential for 1376.53 MW hydropower identified projects, in addition to being a ‘Gem, Jewelry and Light Mining Hub’. This is in 2 addition to its well-recognized Tourism Destination. Development of Chitral Economic Zone will ensure inflow of investment in Chitral, create job opportunities, generate revenue and uplift living standard of the locals. Due to availability of high reserves of Marble and Granite, Chitral has the potential to become one of the major suppliers of these stones to China and Gulf region. Link between Pakistan and Tajikistan through a 36 km road passing through Chitral would give trade access to Central Asia States and opening new avenues for the business development in the region. The Governments in both countries have principally agreed to this proposal in 2015. A combination of the above would hold Chitral in good-stead, and give the province of KP an economically sustainable future.