Malakand District


Malakand has a total area of 952 sq.kms with a population size of 720,295 which comprises of 51% (approx.) male and 49% female population. The area has seen a population growth of approximately 59% in the last 19 years. The District of Malakand holds great geographical importance as it connects Swat, Lower and Upper Dir and Chitral with main cities of KP, like Peshawar, Mardan and Nowshera etc. Besides its geography, the future development of this district relies on sectoral refinement and value addition of mining, agriculture and horticulture sectors. The district has potential to become major horticulture supplier of fruits as it is the third highest producer of KP. Malakand district has considerable reserves of Marble, Granite and Chromite, however, further exploration is recommended. The area is also suitable for olive tree cultivation and in 2005 Pakistan Oil Seed Development Board initiated a project with assistance from Instituto Agronomico Per L’Oltremar (IAO), a scientific and technical branch of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide technical support to farmers in the areas with potential for olive cultivation in an effort to produce edible oil.