District Upper Dir


Upper Dir has a total area of 3699 sq. kms with a population size of 946,421 which comprises of 49% (approx.) male and 51% female population. The area has seen a population growth of approximately 64% in the last 19 years.

It is one of the relatively new districts of KP, formed in 1996. It is predominately a mountainous region covered with forest and scant infrastructural development. Agriculture, Horticulture and Foreign Remittances are the main sources of income generation for the population. As of now, the aforementioned mainstay sectors can be primarily targeted for regional development. For this purpose, it is proposed that modern techniques of agriculture and horticulture be introduced in the province and ‘private regulated markets’ be setup in the district. In addition, the sectors of Hydro-Power generation, Tourism (Eco-Tourism) and Forestry (Furniture Industry and Carbon Marketing) also have potential to generate revenue, create jobs and contribute in regional development. Reserves of Granite, Feldspar, Copper and Aquamarine are also available in the district providing opportunity for value addition, training of miners and linkage development.