District Battagram


Battagram district, home to 476,612 individuals possess 1,301-sq.km of land that makes its density 366 person per square kilometer. The rise in population is recorded as 36% in 19 years i.e. from 1998 census to 2017 census.

Nandihar Khwarsite in Battagram has the capacity to generate hydel power of 12.3 MW, presenting an investment opportunity for the local and foreign firms. Allai Khwar power generation project with capacity of 121 MW capacity at left tributary of Indus River was completed in 2013. The fertile land of Battagram has the capacity to grow crops and it also possess 68,824 hectares of uncultivated land, an adequate quantity of horticulture and a sufficient forest cover of 37,983 hectares to earn carbon credit. Besides this, the district of Battagram is equipped with reservoirs of Iron Ore, Feldspar and Granite. Modern techniques in farming, livestock and mining sector can be introduced by the concerned departments to increase the production level and bring value to the products.