District Khyber


Khyber is located in the north of Pakistan. It is bordered with Afghanistan, Peshawar city,Kurram and Orakzai districts. The total area of Khyber is 2,576 sq.kms with a population of 986,973, with 8.22% of the total area of being forest. Khyber has a barren and rugged mountainous terrain. It consists mostly of hilly tracks and mountains, with narrow strips of valleys. It is the meeting place of a series of ranges, such as the Koh-e-Safaid, an off-shoot of the mighty Hindukush Mountains.

It has some beautiful valleys with plain arable areas, such as, the valleys of Rajgal, Maidan, Bara and Bazaar. The major plains are the Khajuri Plain and the Bara Plain. There are two main rivers; the Bara and Chora Rivers. On the northern border, River Kabul runs between the area of Shalmanis and Mullagoris and separates the Khyber from the Mohmand. All these rivers run into the Peshawar Valley.One of the busiest trade routes of Pakistan due to its close proximity with Afghanistan and hence Central Asia. Free Trade Zone shall be declared in this district to further boost the trade.Olive tree cultivation can also be another area where the concerned stakeholders can implement necessary action to explore the possibilities on commercial level.Travelling through the valleys of Khyber Agency “Khyber Safari train” shall be started again which was a famous train ride among the local and foreign tourists given the fact that the overall security situation in the region has improved.