District Kurram


Kurram district takes its name from the Kurram River. With a population size of 619,553 subdivided in to 01 FR and 02 tehsils, it is the most scenic valley in the entire tribal belt on Durand Line. It is located in the northwest of Pakistan and more specifically in central FATA previously. It is bordered with Afghanistan in the north and west, Kohat in the southeast, North Waziristan in the south and Khyber and Orakzai districts in the east. The total area of the district is 3,380 sq.kms.

It has the strengths in power sector (small dams that include Malana Dam, Zeran Dam, KotRagha Dam Malikhel), mineral sector (soapstone 3.2 million tons, coal 2.0 million tons and also reserves of marble, magnesite and iron ore) Hydrocarbons (oil and gas in Tirah Block) andforestry to earn carbon credits.These sectors increase the viability of the district and seems opportunistic for investment to generate high revenues.In Kurram Agency, the identified potential tourism sites are Parachinar, Kirman, Zairan, Shalozan, KharLachi Fort, Chapri, Terimengal and Koh-e-Sufaid.