District North Waziristan


The North Waziristan borders in the north with Kurram and Kohat, in the east with Kohat and Bannu, in the south with the South Waziristan and in the west with Afghanistan. The district is the second largest in previous FATA, with an area of 4,707 square kilometers and a population of 543,254.

The mineral sector of North Waziristan contains Chromite, Copper, Granite, Magnesite and Manganese. North Waziristan is also rich with the reservoirs of oil and gas.Investment opportunities are available for local and foreign companies in Oil & Gas sector in Miran Block.FATA Development Authority is in the process of acquiring 500 acres of land to establish Industrial Zone to boost district economy by creating enabling environment for the investors to start industrialization.

South and North Waziristan are both highest producers of pine nuts (Chalghoza) and Pakistan is reported to be the second highest exporter of pine nuts after China. However, due to lack of training in harvesting, cutting, roasting and processing there is high percentage of wastage. Value addition in pine nut handling is strongly recommended.